SPG Steiner GmbH has been awarded by Linde Engineering for the engineering and supply of full containment LNG Storage Tank 42.000m³ for  Gazprom Portovaya LNG plant.

Gazprom and SRDI Oil & Gas Peton have selected the Linde Group as the licenser for a mid scale LNG production, storage and shipment complex in Portovaya, located in Russia at the Baltic Sea.

The plant will liquefy natural gas coming from the nearby compressor station, which is part of Gazprom’s Nord Stream pipeline.

Portovaya LNG has a yearly capacity of around 1.5 million t of LNG, bridging the gap between small- and world-scale LNG projects.

This project represents a strategic milestone with Linde in the area of cryogenic storage tanks and the russian market development.

In the same time, Linde and SPG Steiner are currently cooperating on another project, such as Tank Fabrication EP Warm tanks 2 for ZapSibNeftekhim Project in Tobolsk.