A successful roof air raising operation has been accomplished recently for Gazprom’s Portovaya LNG Tank.

SPG Steiner GmbH, as the subcontractor for EP service in this project, is more than proud to participate in this one of the greatest moments of the whole project.

Roof air raising technique has advantages of lowering the costs, shorting the schedule, and reducing hazards from avoiding working at height. However, one of its most important requirements is excellent engineering skill from the beginning of the tank design.

The roof of the Portovaya LNG storage tank holding 42.000 m3 was raised from the bottom to its final position in 30m height in less than 3 hours. The total weight of the roof structure is approximately 200 tones.

This successful air raising operation took place only 12 month after project start and indeed marks a milestone in the successful execution of the Project.