For the combustion of average gas rates of chemical and petrochemical plants for gas rates up to appr. 1.000t/h. Applicable as well in steel works, coking plants, crude oil and natural gas extraction, storage and further specific applications.

The differences between the systems from elevated flares are as follows:

  • Self-supporting construction (economical up to 75m height)
  • Lattice steelwork construction (economical from 80m height)
  • Guy-wired construction (economical for 60-120m height)

Our elevated flares are consisting basically of following components:

  • Flare stack as derrick construction, self-supporting or guy-wired
  • Flare riser with flare burner
  • Molecular seal (Flame arrestor)
  • Wind deflector for flare burner
  • Pilot flame monitoring
  • KO-drum
  • Water seals
  • Electro or flame front pilot burner
  • Ignition panel with ignition
  • According accessories