Burner systems

To prevent resp. reduce bad emissions and for the protection of the environment considerable requirements have been demanded of the industry in the past years. Accordant requirements were demanded as well of the industrial burners which are used in furnaces. Thereby especially the NOx-formation and the CO-emission are to minimize. According to these indications we developed a burner, which is meeting these specifications.

The determined maximum value of the German rule TA-Luft of currently 200 mg, which is internationally accepted, can be guaranteed with our burners. The burner developed therefore has the type designation PT-MPDFFS/FD. Depending on the type of the gas mixure NOx-values below 150 mg/m³ are achieved.

Our burners are mainly used as gas staged type, however, it can be used as well as air staged type. The burners are dimensioned individually according to the specifications of the customer and are suitable for capacities of 0,5 – 5 MW. Main application areas are Methanol plants, H2-plants and CO-plants.

The burners which we design and produce are down firing burners, fuel staged and operated with forced air. They are suitable as well for the operation with varying gas mixtures. The control range is 1:5. For each order our burners are tested by an independent German institute. The according test reports are included in our documentation.