Competence based on a tradition of almost 300 years. A comprehensive range for innovative products and a high-performance team. Welcome to Steiner Group.

In 1701, the blacksmith Philipp Steiner founded a forge for the fabrication of goods employed in the agricultural, steel making and booming mining industries in the Siegerland. In the 20th century, it developed into a factory for steel construction works and became one of the most recognized fabricators for heat exchangers, high-pressure vessels and skid-mounted units in Western Germany.

Since 1984, the company has been running under the leadership of Bernd Philipp Steiner and has been restructured from a specialized manufacturing company to an independent EPC company. By merging with well-established German engineering comp­anies such as Prematechnik GmbH, Gastec GmbH, adapt GmbH and by establishing an engineering service company Petroleum & Gas Engineering Srl. in Romania, the Steiner Group has become a provider of specialized plants and equipment for the petro & petrochemical and related industries. With Philippe and Oliver Steiner, the 10th family generation is in the lead succession of the Steiner Group and continues to develop our vision “Engineering for limited resources”.