SPG Steiner – a family technology company

Shaping the future with responsibility

As a family owned company with a history since 1701 we take responsibility for the next generations and our environment.


Philippe and Oliver being in the succession of the company follow the successful tradition being curious about innovative technology concepts and providing real tangible solutions to thrive through the transition to lower carbon energy by meeting society’s need for more and cleaner energy.


Through its history, SPG Steiner acquired reputable established technology companies of the gas-, petro-, petrochemical and energy industry. Integrating existing expertise and sharing best practise we develop today as a technology driven general contractor modularised small- and midscale turnkey solutions paving the way for next energy.


Forge founded by Heinrich Steiner
Goods for agricultural use succeeded by Thomas Steiner and Philip Steiner

1932 - 1958

1932: Forge & carrying trade by Richard Steiner/Josef Steiner
1952: Forge for welded construction/piping
1957/58: Fabrication Yard Gernsdorf; Steel Construction OHG Gebrüder Steiner Vessels/welded construction/piping

1974 - 1984

Fabrication Rudersdorf Steiner GmbH & Co. KG
Vessels/welded construction/piping
Bernd Steiner - Steiner GmbH & Co. KG
High pressure vessels, heat exchangers
(CC; SS & high alloyed steel) 


Take-over of Prematechnik GmbH (founded in 1955)
Flare systems/pipeline systems/ industrial burners


Foundation Gastec GmbH (emerged from the subsidiary of B. S. & B.)
Process systems/gas treatment facilities


Foundation adapt GmbH (emerged from the company Noell Tank Construction/LGA) Atmospheric/low temperature/ cryogenic tanks


Foundation SPG Petroleum & Gas Engineering SRL Engineering services


Foundation of SPG Petroleum & Gas Middle East Construction services

2017 and 2019

Foundation of SPG Singapore and acquisition of IOE IMPaC GmbH


Forge founded by Heinrich Steiner
Goods for agricultural use succeeded by Thomas Steiner and Philip Steiner

Philippe Steiner & Oliver Steiner

Our locations

In order to always offer our customers the best service, we are represented at numerous locations inside and outside Germany. 

Head Office in Siegen, Germany

Further Offices in:  Frankfurt (GER), Hamburg (GER), Ploiesti (RO), Moscow (RU), Abu Dhabi (UAE), Shanghai (China), Singapore, Benghazi (Libya)