Technologies for the energy transition

Conversion, storage, distribution


The energy industry is active in a wide range of applications. Whether in petrochemicals, fuel gas, refinery, exploration and production, liquefied natural gas or pipeline, pipeline and gas storage and even renewable energy, SPG Steiner supplies with its know-how, products and small/mid scale plants the competitive edge.

Oliver Steiner



Clean mobility, industry and energy.


However the transition to a low-carbon future is a journey with many steps. It requires man-hours and innovative technologies to make the use of renewable energies reliable.


With decades of experience in engineering and manufacturing for the energy industry, we are working on innovative approaches:


-        Increasing plant efficiencies (zero flaring; associated gas usage)

-        Modular design concepts for decentralised energy supply

-        Storage technologies to make peak coverage manageable

-        Distribution technology of the new energies / fuels.


With our proven experience and best practise we want to play a sustainable role in the energy transition.