November 04, 2021

SPG Steiner cooperates with the University of Siegen for the implementation of green hydrogen storage facilities

Within the framework of the National Hydrogen Strategy for International Hydrogen Projects, SPG Steiner has signed a cooperation agreement with the University of Siegen to study the development of green hydrogen (solar and wind) production plants and their derivatives. In particular, possible storage options will be considered and analyzed.

One currently possible efficient alternative is the power-to-ammonia process. This aims to make energy from renewable energy sources (solar; wind) transportable and storable by storing the energy chemically in the form of ammonia (NH3). In doing so, the energy can be released again by using ammonia (NH3) directly as a carbon-free fuel or by serving as a hydrogen (H2) supplier.

Storage takes place in large-volume flat-bottom tanks under atmospheric conditions. Here, the ammonia is cooled to -33 degrees Celsius and stored. In order to meet the demand for "clean" energy in a timely and targeted manner, the existing infrastructure must therefore be scaled up, taking into account the increasing industrial requirements.”

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