February 13, 2024

As part of an economic delegation led by Dr. Robert Habeck, Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action of the Federal Republic of Germany, I had the honor as CEO and owner of SPG Steiner GmbH to travel to Algeria. The delegation, which took place within the framework of the German-Algerian energy partnership, focused on the progress of the SoutH2 Corridor, an ambitious project for the development of the hydrogen economy.


The discussions aimed to lay the foundation for establishing a hydrogen infrastructure in Algeria and to plan the export of hydrogen to Europe. The focus was also on innovative transport methods, including pipeline transport as well as the use and distribution of ammonia as an H2 derivative.


SPG Steiner, a globally operating family business, specializes in the storage and distribution of ammonia. Currently, the company is the general contractor for the construction of ammonia tanks as part of the NEOM project in Saudi Arabia. This commitment underscores the international recognition of SPG Steiner as a specialist in the construction of ammonia export and import terminals, in which the company has been involved in more than twelve such terminals over the past ten years.


Another discussion point of the delegation was the reduction of CO2 emissions through Flare Gas Recovery, a method that uses gas previously flared during the oil production process to achieve CO2 savings. Initial projects of this kind are already supported by the initiative of the World Bank. SPG Steiner is also involved in initial projects with its divisions Prematechnik and Gastec in Nigeria and Iraq and is valued for its decades of experience in the field of combustion technology.


The trip highlights Germany's commitment to a sustainable energy future and the importance of international cooperation that unites economic development and environmental protection. With the expertise of companies like SPG Steiner, the energy transition is advancing not only in Germany but on a global scale.


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