October 18, 2022

SPG Steiner GmbH with its subsidiary IOE IMPaC GmbH which is highly specialized in offshore structures has been awarded the contract for “Integrity design of floating production platform” by Shema Power Lake Kivu Limited for Lake Kivu Project.


In Lake Kivu on the border between the Republic of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo about 300 km3 of dissolved carbon dioxide and 55-60 km3 of methane gas are accumulated and trapped at a deeper layer in the lake. Methane will be extracted out of the mixture of methane, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide to run a 56MW power plant. 


SPG Steiner's scope of work included:

1.    Checking concept and assumptions on the project for the technical feasibility of implementation.
2.    Check of the performed analysis and engineering calculations on the plausibility of the results. 
3.    Preparation of report with findings and advice.

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