Small Midscale Terminals

Mid Scale and Small Scale Terminals

Paving the way for clean energy

While the LNG market continues to grow, ensuring access and availability is a key prerequisite. The need for LNG terminals is particularly relevant in places where the gas infrastructure is under-developed but the potential demand for gas-fired power generation and natural gas for other industrial uses is substantial. Alternatively, LNG terminals can complement the existing gas reserves or pipelines in order to improve fuel supply security.


SPG Steiner GmbH has specifically adapted for the requirements of small- and midscale LNG Terminals (20.000m³ – 160.0000m³) through elimination of complexity and increase of flexibility. With a high level of standardization we are ensuring highest quality, shortening and facilitating the site erection for serving even remote locations. Building a virtual gas pipeline concept (LNG distribution) that comprises of small and medium liquefaction plants, LNG distribution tanks for land, river and maritime transport, as well as small and medium-scale regasification terminals.


-      Small/Mid Scale LNG Power Plant

-      Small/Mid Scale LNG Bunkering and Distribution Plant

-      Terminal for low temperature and cryogenic products (e.g. LPG; LNG; Ammonia; Ethylene)