Flare Systems & Combustion Technology

Optimizing emissions and ensuring safe operation of our clients plants

Pioneers and combustion technology since 1956

For half a century SPG Steiner GmbH has been designing, engineering and manufacturing under its business unit PREMATECHNIK the next-generation of combustion equipment, flare systems, industrial burners and advanced environmental systems. Combining our extensive technical combustion experience and own high quality manufacturing yard made in Germany our clients can be ensured about the longevity of our products, optimizing emissions, destroy pollutants and ensuring a safe and best possible performance operation of their facility. Our equipment plays safety and emission-critical roles in the oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical pharma and energy industries around the globe.


We design and manufacture every flare to deliver superior safety performance without compromise for smokeless performance.


Flare system types

Throughout our company history we have built of almost every type of flare structure. These range from freestanding derricks, guyed risers, self-supported, and multi riser-structures. Derrick structures that are capable of being demounted, whereby flare stacks can be spared, such as one duty stack and one stand by the stack.

Self-supported flare

Self-supported flare structure is an economical solution. It is a type of flare systems, which is selected when the flare height is lower than 75 meters. Self-supported flares require less installation space and easy for erecting. The compact design allows a KO Drum or a water seal, or both together, to be accommodated in the foot area of the flare tower if required. This results in considerable cost savings for the operation

Guyed flares

Guyed flares is a type of flare system supported by wires. The elevated flare tip is mounted on top supported by a system of wires arranged with a set of three guy cables at 120-degree angle. It is an economical solution for flares with the height up to 125 m.

Derrick supported flares

Derrick supported flares are a standard solution for flares with required heights above 60 m to 200 m.

Demountable derricks allow the risers to be lowered along with their flare tips to grade for maintenance, inspection or repair activities without the use of a crane.

Ground flares

Ground flares are the flare systems where the combustion of the gases takes place at ground level. The combustion should take place in a shielded area, not visible from the outside.


Flares of any design and height are equipped with environmentally friendly gas oxidation aids as required. The aids are, as a classic variant, steam, blower air or supporting gas. In addition to sonic flares, special burners are used to extract the necessary combustion air.


Steam Assisted Flares

Steam-assisted flares are used in applications where heavier waste gases need to be disposed and high-pressure steam is readily available on site. Our proprietary flare designs offer exceptional smokeless performance, lower radiation levels, and less noise than typical air-assisted flares.


Air Assisted flares

Air-assisted flares use blowers to inject combustion air directly into the waste gas stream as it exits the tip, resulting in smokeless burning and long flare tip life. This solution ensures an efficient combustion of heavier waste gases at sites where steam or even water are not available or economical.


Gas-Assisted Flares

Gas-assisted flares are used to make poorly oxidizing gases combustible or to inject additional air via injections. Multi Point flares are used to increase the surface area of the air required for oxidation and thus burn soot-free.




Burner systems

For the protection of the environment to prevent or reduce  bad emissions, Prematechnik developed the PremaNOX® burner to minimize the formation of NOx and CO emission, tested and approved by an independent German institute. PremaNOX® burners are mainly used as gas staged type, however, they can also be used as air staged type. 

The burners are dimensioned individually according to the specification of our customers and are suitable for capacities of 0.5 – 5 MW. Main application areas are methanol plants, H2 plant and CO plant. PremaNOX® are down-firing burners, fuel staged and operated with forced air. The burners are also suitable for the operation with varying gas mixtures.