Storage Tanks

Refrigerated and cryogenic storage tanks and facilities

Experienced, innovative and turnkey

SPG Steiner with its Subsidiary adapt is an expert in the field of low temperature and cryogenic storage tanks and its auxiliaries. Having full design capabilities in house, we continuously develop and improve ourselves to outreach our clients requirements with cost effective and innovative turnkey solutions.


We offer design and construction services for terminals that handle a wide variety of liquids, for the oil & gas, the petrochemical, chemical and energy industries. We particularly focus on refrigerated low temperature and cryogenic storage systems for liquified gases on turnkey design-build around the globe.



Atmospheric and ambient temperature storage tanks

Adapt designs atmospheric storage systems since 1997. We have developed specialist expertise in the storage and handling of liquefied gases in cryogenic, low temperature and pressurized forms (API 650; API 620; EN 14620).

Low temperature and cryogenic flat bottom storage tanks

Permit to store high quantities of gases in liquefied from under ambient condition enabling a worldwide trading of the same independently form pipeline network, around the globe. Drawing on years of practical experience and extensive technical knowledge, we work closely with our clients to ensure the most optimal design configuration is used for the products, project requirements and environment.

Pressure storage solutions (spheres, bullet tanks)

Spheres are built to store under ambient temperature gases in pressurized form such as ammonia, propylene, LPG, butadiene. In comparison with flat bottom storage in the tanks the gas quantities are lower, whereas pressurized storage is integrated into the plant process design.