Contract Area “A” Development Project 1st Phase

Four stations of “Contract Area A“ are to be developed within the project. The main work packages are:

(1) Comprehensive Integrity Study comprising the identification and evaluation of existing equipment suitable for integration into the new design.

(2) Gas Utilisation: Gas from all stations shall be utilised.

(3) Power Supply: Optimisation of power generation units at all stations in terms of size, availability and maintenance.

(4) Oil Stabilization: Design of new stabilisation system incl. new technology and equipment for crude with definition of long lead items and preparation of Invitations to Tender (ITTs) for Engineer, Procure and Construct (EPC) contracts.

(5) New Station Development: Determination of separation stages based on wellhead pressure and crude delivery requirements. FEED for water injection system and Centralized Power Generation system to supply future demands in nearby areas.

(6) Waste Water Treatment: Evaluation of different upgrade options for the existing system to handle higher capacities and increase reliability to maintain required water quality for re-injection or disposal.

(7) Other utility systems: Evaluation.


Scope of Work:

Site Survey

Integrated Project Development


Preparation of EPC Tender Packages


IMPaC‘s Services:

40.000 hours

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