Europipe Development Project

The 620 km 40” gas pipeline runs from the 16/11-E platform to receiving facilities in Germany with a design pressure of 156 bar. The landfall is located at the North-West German Wadden coast. Since this area is a natural park, a telescopic pipe jacking method was used for the crossing of the ecologically sensitive tidal flats to the mainland. IMPaC was involved in the nearshore pipelaying in very shallow water ranging between 4 and 14 m water depth and in the 2.5 km landfall tunnel section.


Scope of Work:


General Landfall

Development of Landfall Concepts


Shallow Water Section

Detailed Engineering Design of barge conversion to suit the large diameter heavy wall pipe

Study of mooring system including design, installation, removal, schedule, cost

General Project Management, Engineering and Construction Supervision Services


Tunnel Section (during the project Statoil decided to install two pipelines in the tunnel section)

Installation Concept and Procedures

Detailed Engineering Design

Stress Analysis

Design of access shaft and cover of tie-in chamber for offshore pipeline

Construction Supervision

Engineering Management

Project Management Consultancy

Study for Corrosion Protection System of the tunnel pipeline


IMPaC‘s Services:

50 000 hours


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