NC 193 Gas Oil Separation Plant

The concession NC 193 is located in the Sirte Basin in Libya, approx. 120 km south of the Mediterranean Sea. The distance between the Oil Field A and Oil Field B is approx. 20 km. The mean elevation in that area is about 250 m above sea level. RWE Dea planned to develop concession NC 193 in two phases. In the first Phase produced fluids (oil, saline water and associated gas) are treated in a new Gas Oil Separation Plant (GOSP) with a daily production capacity of 10 000 barrels of oil and 20 000 barrels of water. The GOSP is fed via several flow lines from the production fields A & B. The produced water is re-injected into both fields.

For the second Phase further production wells were drilled and an additional oil treatment train was installed to increase the capacity to 20 000 BOPD and 60 000 BWPD. A crude oil stripping unit was selected to reduce the H S content to less than 55 ppm. Separated H S in the gas phase is burnt to produce hot water. The oil is exported via an 8“ (approx. 60 km) pipeline to Bahi, where it is tied-in into a 20” pipeline terminating in the As Sidrah Loading Terminal at the coast.


Scope of Work:

Review of FEED

Detailed Engineering Design of entire GOSP

Detailed Engineering Design of the offsites and utilities for GOSP including Potable Water Systems, Waste Water System, Water Treatment and Fuel Supply Systems for the camp facilities

Procurement assistance


IMPaC‘s Services: 

26.000 hours

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