Portovaya LNG

On a small peninsula in Russia’s northwest edge, building workers, engineers and welders are chasing records. As part of a new LNG plant, Linde’s Engineering Division is building the realtred full-containment LNG storage tank in record speed: Thanks to fast-track engineering and procurement, sophisticated construction technologies an optimized time schedule is achieved. The 42.000-cubic-metre tank was scheduled to be realized only 22 months – despite the challenging Russian winter.  

Just two hours from metropolitan Saint Petersburg, heading northwest along route E18 towards the Finnish border, one of the last exits leads to a site of birch woodlands tinged with salty sea air. This is the site of Portovaya, where a complex for lqiuified natural gas (LNG) production, storage and shipment was erected. The plant has a yearly capacity of around 1,5 million tonnes of LNG, classifying it as mid-scale.




Site Supervision 


Early works:

Review and evaluation of the soil report for three different possible tank locations

Development of an optimised schedule and construction execution strategy, in order to achieve the schedule of 22 months

Erection concept: concrete wall sliding and Roof air raising

Preparation of Project Specific Technical Specification (PSTS) in order to comply with the Russian GHOST requirements

Engineering and Procurement and Prefabrication:

Complete basic and detail engineering for Civil, Mechanical and Insulation Components including the foundation

Procurement of all Material and Prefabrication as per Erection Concept

Transportation DAP Site, Russia


Scope of Work:



Site Supervision

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