Prinos / Epsilon Field Development

The Prinos/Epsilon offshore facilities comprise the existing Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta platforms (oil), existing subsea storage tank, existing Kappa platform (gas), and new Epsilon platform (satellite oil field). The associated 8” subsea oil pipeline and 2” glycol injection line run over a distance of 3.8 km to the onshore Sigma plant. For storage of subsea oil surge a settlement tank with a capacity of 270 m³ was installed. The high content of sulphur and asphaltenes presented an additional challenge for the facilities. The Epsilon Field is located in an active earthquake zone.

IMPaC has prepared an integrated field development plan and Basic Engineering Design (BED) for the Epsilon satellite oil field platform in 51.4 m water depths and for associated pipelines and umbilicals. As prime contractor for the subsea tank IMPaC provided Basic & Detailed Engineering Design, Procurement, Construction/installation Management and Commissioning services.


Scope of Work:

Project Management

Integrated Field Development Plan

Basic & Detailed Engineering Design

Construction & Installation Management



IMPaC’s Services:

25 000 hours

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